November 30th - December 4th, 2016 | Pioneer Courthouse Square | Portland, Oregon
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More than 50 potent winter ales are featured at this year's event, all of which are created specifically to bring warmth and cheer to the holiday season. These aren't beers you'll find in the supermarket - our brewers have put together special recipes just for the Holiday Ale Festival.

Standard Release Beers

2016 Standard Release Beers

The 2016 Standard Release Beers list will arrive this fall. In the interim, please feel free to review last year's beers below.

2015 Standard Release Beers

The Standard Release Beers are those for which we anticipate having available all festival long (while supplies last of course, as they do occassionally run out). We have over 50 of these select beers available at the festival. Beer locations will be updated both here and on the mobile site as the beers are tapped. Be sure to also check out the Limited Release Beers and Sunday Brunch Beers to the right.

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  • 13 Virtues Brewing

    13 Virtues Brewing
    Whiskey Barrel Aged MAX Stout

    Barrel-Aged Imperial StoutABV: 9.0% • IBUs: 65
    Take a deep breath and dive into this rich, complex Imperial Stout. The brewers used a mammoth malt bill - Thomas Fawcett Maris Otter, chocolate, roasted barley, Munich and caramel malts and flaked wheats and oats - to impart big roasty, burnt chocolate flavors and a smooth mouthfeel. The beer was then aged in Eastside Burnside bourbon barrels to add subtle notes of oak, vanilla and heat. Go ahead - get MAX Stout.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • 2 Towns Ciderhouse

    2 Towns Ciderhouse
    Nice & Naughty: Bourbon and Candied Ginger Edition

    Bourbon Barrel-Aged Holiday Spiced CiderABV: 11.0%
    This extra-special version of Nice and Naughty honey-spiced cider was aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels for one year. In addition, each barrel was infused with crystallized ginger. Integrated and complex, this holiday treat boasts lavish aromas of caramelized sugar, subtle ginger, spices and baked pie crust. [2 Tix]

       Beer Location: OUT

    Corvallis, OR

  • 54*40' Brewing Co.

    54*40' Brewing Co.
    Snowball Headed for Hell

    White IPAABV: 6.7% • IBUs: 70
    54°40' Brewing Co. crafted this bright and citrusy White IPA to remind us all of the faded warmth of summer, back when Coke was still cola, and a joint was a bad place to be. Mandarina Bavaria hops and tangerine peel mingle with seasonal spices of peppercorn and mace in this wheat based IPA. Raise a glass to the season and let's all ring the Liberty Bell.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Washougal, WA

  • Alameda Brewing Co.

    Alameda Brewing Co.
    Cookies for Papa

    Olde AleABV: 8.0% • IBUs: 32
    What's better than milk and cookies? Cranberry chocolate chip cookie beer! Starting with its Papa's Olde Ale, the brewers bumped up the ABV and body with honey malt and oats. They then added cranberries, cocoa nibs and bourbon vanilla beans to create a sweet holiday treat. Set this beer by the fireplace and you're sure to wake up with plenty of presents under your tree.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR BeerAdvocate RateBeer

  • Awesome Ales

    Awesome Ales
    Brett Trois the Great aka the Inebriated Phrunken Elf

    Imperial Stout with "Bruxellensis" TroisABV: 10.2% • IBUs: 80
    Holiday traditions run deep and that's precisely why the brewers decided to create a truly "untraditional" Imperial Stout. The result is a BIG inky black stout with the unique finish of the wildly misunderstood Saccharomyces "Bruxellensis" Trois (formerly thought to be in the brettanomyces family). With slightly tart and delicate mango and pineapple characteristics, this pairs nicely to the vanilla and Bergamot used during the final stages of the boil.

       Beer Location: OUT

    , OR

  • Baerlic Brewing Co.

    Baerlic Brewing Co.

    Smoked Imperial PorterABV: 8.3% • IBUs: 60
    With aromas of nuts, dark fruit and campfire that transcend into layers of chocolate, toffee and caramel, this beast of a beer will fire up your belly and make you howl. Brewed with house-made Dulce de Leche.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • Base Camp Brewing Co.

    Base Camp Brewing Co.
    Bourbon Barrel TripleBock

    Bourbon Barrel-Aged Triple BockABV: 9.5% • IBUs: 38
    Base Camp Brewing Co., in collaboration with Eastside Distilling, is proud to unleash its Bourbon Barrel TripleBock Lagerbier - a decoction mashed, 100% Munich malt, extra strong doppelbock lager, mellowed out over four months in Eastside Distilling's Burnside bourbon barrels. Inviting, malty, comforting and smooth. [2 Tix]

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR BeerAdvocate RateBeer

  • Bear Republic Brewing Co.

    Bear Republic Brewing Co.
    Cuvee du Santa

    Sour Brown AleABV: 8.5% • IBUs: 15
    Bear Republic's blenders - together with Santa's Little Helper Preston Weesner - collaborated to bring this special holiday treat to life. The team selected five outstanding Cuvee de Bubba barrels and added a bit of heft with the addition of a barrel aged Scottish Wee Heavy. This was brought to life with the addition of toasted marshmallow, cinnamon, vanilla and figs.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Cloverdale, CA BeerAdvocate RateBeer

  • Burnside Brewing Co.

    Burnside Brewing Co.

    Spiced Rum Barrel-Aged EisbockABV: 9.6% • IBUs: 32
    This is a strong, full-bodied malty beer brewed in the Bock tradition. The brewery chilled the bright tanks to below freezing for a number days to create an "icy" atmosphere prior to cold aging in spiced rum barrels for three weeks. This lager-fermented treat will warm your tummy during the cold winter months.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • Chetco Brewing Co.

    Chetco Brewing Co.
    The Bussmann's Holiday

    Imperial PorterABV: 7.9% • IBUs: 13
    Chetco Brewing Co. and Bussmann's Cranberry Farm are kindred spirits: two small, family-owned operations located on the gorgeous Southern Oregon Coast that have come together to create a deliciously rich and creamy Imperial Porter that has just the right amount of sweetness as it is made with Bussmann's own fresh cranberries right out of Sixes, Oregon and 60lbs of organic coconut.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Brookings, OR

  • Coin Toss Brewing Co.

    Coin Toss Brewing Co.
    Santa's Pie Hohl

    Cherry Ginger StoutABV: 6.0% • IBUs: 35
    Santa's Pie Hohl is Coin Toss Brewing Co.'s inaugural brew for the Holiday Ale Festival. Two-row pale malt, roasted barley, crystal and flaked oats and ginger root made up the mash. It was then hopped with Nugget, Galena and Northern Brewer and finished with sour cherry puree. Drink it down your Pie Hohl!

       Beer Location: OUT

    Oregon City, OR

  • Deschutes Brewery

    Deschutes Brewery
    Pacific Wunderland

    Munich IPAABV: 6.2% • IBUs: 55
    Bavarian Oktoberfest meets American IPA! The malt character is driven by Munich malt with support from Vienna and Pilsner malts, providing a smooth, soft and complex malt character. Hops lend in with berry and fruit aromas, light spice, and finish with balanced bitterness.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Bend, OR

  • Drake's Brewing Co.

    Drake's Brewing Co.
    Zin Barrel Aged Drakonic

    Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout BlendABV: 9.0% • IBUs: 40
    This year, exclusively for the Holiday Ale Festival, Drake's barrel program manager Travis Camacho worked with festival manager Preston Weesner to create a blend of Drakonic Imperial Stout that was aged for 8 months in Zinfandel barrels along with another zin barrel of Drakonic soured with Lactobacillus. The final blend showcases a balanced chocolate and bright berry profile with mild acidic tartness that bolsters the wine barrel characteristics.

       Beer Location: OUT

    San Leandro, CA

  • Ecliptic Brewing

    Ecliptic Brewing
    Frosty Leo Winter Ale

    Winter AleABV: 8.3% • IBUs: 65
    Frosty Leo is brewed in the English Old Ale style: beers brewed for the cold months. Frosty Leo is reddish brown with big, sweet malt flavors. The beer has a full, rich body with loads of hop flavor and aroma from Sterling and Citra hops. The beer is named after the Frosty Leo Nebula in the constellation Leo.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • Eel River Brewing Co.

    Eel River Brewing Co.
    Gargantua III

    Barrel-Aged Imperial Strong AleABV: 12.3% • IBUs: 80
    This third generation of Gargantua started its life as an Imperial Strong ale brewed with floor malted Marris Otter barley and premium English and German specialty malts. It was then blended with a strong ale that was aged for six months in bourbon barrels. This final blend was then aged on Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans and figs for a rich and decadent holiday twist.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Fortuna, CA

  • Ex Novo Brewing Co.

    Ex Novo Brewing Co.
    Weapons of Mass Fermentation

    Belgian QuadABV: 11.5% • IBUs: 18
    The brewery used European malts and Belgian rock sugar to create a complex malty beer. Deep garnet in color, an extended boil creates rich and complex caramel and fruit notes punctuated by the addition of cranberry for a tart and clean finish. The subtle use of cardamom and higher alcohol create a nice warming beer for a cold winter day.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • Fat Heads Brewing

    Fat Heads Brewing
    Holly Jolly Aged on Plums

    Spiced Brown AleABV: 7.5% • IBUs: 28
    The brewers created this beer with aromas and flavors of Christmas day in mind, including sweet malt, ginger, honey, nutmeg and cinnamon spice. For this special release, it was then aged on plums.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • Feckin Brewery

    Feckin Brewery
    Top' O The Feckin Mornin

    Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Espresso Milk PorterABV: 10.5% • IBUs: 30
    Seasoned in bourbon barrels from Eastside Distilling, copious amounts of cold brew coffee from Happy Rock Roasters is added to an Imperial Porter. Vanilla beans, Irish steel cut oats from Bob's Red Mill and Irish ale malt all play a role in this delicious monster of a porter that is sure to have you feeling feckin great. Whether you are winding down with this pint before bed or having it for breakfast, you're sure to have a lovely feckin day. Slainte! [2 Tix]

       Beer Location: OUT

    Oregon City, OR

  • Finnriver Farm & Cidery

    Finnriver Farm & Cidery
    Barrel in the Forest

    Barrel-Aged Botanical CiderABV: 6.5%
    A blend of select organic Washington apples robustly infused with locally gathered Grand and Douglas Fir tips as well as raw, organic fair trade ginger root, resulted in a cider with resinous lemon rind aromatics and undertones of ginger warmth. This small batch release was aged five months in straight rye American oak whiskey barrels and blended with medium toast staves to call forth sweet holiday notes of vanilla and bourbon. [2 Tix]

       Beer Location: OUT

    Chimacum, WA

  • Firestone Walker Brewing Co.

    Firestone Walker Brewing Co.
    Imperial Smoked Walker's Reserve

    Imperial Smoked PorterABV: 10.0% • IBUs: 50
    Imperial Smoked Walker's Reserve is a throwback to an original staple in early Firestone history: Walker's Reserve Porter. The brewers enhanced the original recipe and incorporated the addition of Weyermann Beech smoked malt as a majority of the base malts, lending a noticeable yet subtle smoke profile complementing the rich chocolate and caramel flavors. The use of rolled oats in the mash provide for a thick and chewy body.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Paso Robles, CA

  • Fort George Brewery

    Fort George Brewery
    Deck the Helles

    Barrel-Aged Helles LagerABV: 9.5%
    Deck the Helles for Holiday Ale Fest, Fa La La La La, La La La La; Fort George Brewery sends their very best, Fa La La La La, La La La La; See the rolling boiling kettle....Toss in fragrant Hibiscus petals...Fermented with Bohemian Lager...Makin' beer here, not egg nogger....Aged all fall in Pinot barrels...Bet you're tired of Christmas Carols....Fa La La La La, La La La La!

       Beer Location: OUT

    Astoria, OR

  • Full Sail Brewing Co.

    Full Sail Brewing Co.
    Bourbon Barrel Aged Wheat Wine

    Barrel-Aged Wheat WineABV: 12.0% • IBUs: 42
    Bourbon Barrel Aged Wheat Wine was brewed in the Barleywine style, using 100% malted wheat and left to age in Wild Turkey bourbon barrels for 10 months. It pours a rich honey hue and opens up with complex oak aromas of vanilla and caramel blended nicely with notes of toffee, marmalade and dates. Barrel aging rounds out this big beer by adding a rich tannic structure. [2 Tix]

       Beer Location: OUT

    Hood River, OR

  • Gigantic Brewing

    Gigantic Brewing
    Black Pieter

    Belgian Style Strong Black AleABV: 8.4% • IBUs: 23
    If you're good, Santa will give you an orange. If you're bad, Black Pieter will put you in a sack and take you to Spain, where you can enjoy this strong, richly malty ale with a light, spicy counterpoint to the fruity yeast esters. [2 Tix]

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • Golden Valley Brewery

    Golden Valley Brewery
    Whiskey Barrel Aged Old Relic

    Barrel-Aged Scotch AleABV: 8.5% • IBUs: 26
    This is a blend of two separate batches of Old Relic Scotch Ale. The first, brewed in December 2014, was aged eleven months in Oregon Whiskey barrels from Ransom Wines and Spirits. Batch number two was brewed in September and aged two months in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels. The result is malty, yet balanced, with notes of oak, whiskey and peat.

       Beer Location: OUT

    McMinnville, OR

  • Hopworks Urban Brewery

    Hopworks Urban Brewery
    2 Fest, 2 Furious

    Imperial MarzenABV: 8.5% • IBUs: 45
    Hopworks Urban Brewery brewed an Imperial version of its Oktoberfest beer "Fest of Fury." This souped up Marzen features caramel and toasted malts, with dark sugar and candied flavors from Garnet and Apache yams. Ya' might want to keep your eyes on the road!

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • Kells Brewpub

    Kells Brewpub
    Golden Winter

    Kettle-Soured Golden AleABV: 6.0% • IBUs: 33
    Starting with lots of organic ginger for hints of spiced gingerbread cookies, the brewers added turmeric for a golden color and deep earth notes, adding another level of spice to this winter ale. A hit of fresh lemon juice adds tartness to the palate and extra depth to the sour flavors of the ale. These same ingredients also play a role in winter health tonics, so by adding a bit of sour beer, this could possibly be the cure for the common cold as we know it.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • Klamath Basin Brewing Co.

    Klamath Basin Brewing Co.
    Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stout

    Oak-Aged Imperial StoutABV: 9.1% • IBUs: 64
    The name says it all: this is a big, bold Imperial Stout clocking in at 9.1%, so treat it with respect. Aged on American white oak staves in the conditioning tank for over a month, this beer has plenty of toasted oak and vanilla character to complement the roasted and chocolate malt backbone and oatmeal, leading into a dangerously smooth finish.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Klamath Falls, OR

  • Lompoc Brewing

    Lompoc Brewing
    Mea Culpa Winter Warmer

    Bourbon Barrel-Aged Winter WarmerABV: 6.5% • IBUs: 30
    Aged in bourbon barrels for six months, this beer is not for the faint of heart. Brownish red in color, this winter warmer has a big malt presence with notes of oak, raisins, toffee and coffee. Ladies of the night and rookies should steer clear of this awesome beer.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • McMenamins (Edgefield)

    McMenamins (Edgefield)
    Lord of Misrule II

    Barrel-Aged Imperial Nut Brown AleABV: 8.4% • IBUs: 26
    Appointing a Lord of Misrule, the official in charge of Christmas revelries and the Feast of Fools, is a holiday-time peasant tradition that can be traced back to Roman times. A new lord is elected every year, and so must a new beer be brewed. This complex ale was brewed with cacao nibs and roasted hazelnuts and aged in rum and whiskey barrels post-fermentation with fruit and a house-made hazelnut extract. NUT ALLERGY WARNING!

       Beer Location: OUT

    Troutdale, OR

  • Migration Brewing

    Migration Brewing
    Black Hearted IPA

    Black IPAABV: 7.3% • IBUs: 80
    This IPA is dark as night with a medium body and a bready malt profile. Huge additions of Centennial, Amarillo and Sorachi Ace hops give this Black Hearted beer standout notes of citrus, pine and spice.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • Natian Brewery

    Natian Brewery
    Pumpkin is the New Black

    Pumpkin Ale/Imperial Milk Stout BlendABV: 7.2% • IBUs: 47
    Natian has brought back its Imperial Milk Stout from festivals past, but with a blend of pumpkin ale to help spice up the offering. The Imperial Milk Stout is brewed with lactose and chocolate malt then aged on Kahlua soaked oak, while the pumpkin ale is also brewed with lactose and mild additions of spices to allow the actual pumpkin flavor to come forward.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • Nectar Creek

    Nectar Creek
    Triple Brett

    Sour Session MeadABV: 6.5%
    Triple Brett is a 100% barrel fermented sour session mead from pure Oregon carrot blossom honey. Made by blending three different strains of brettanomyces, Triple Brett is tart and sour with aromas of honeysuckle and chamomile.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Corvallis, OR

  • New Belgium Brewing Co.

    New Belgium Brewing Co.
    Blackberry Barley Wine

    Barley WineABV: 10.0% • IBUs: 50
    Blackberry Barley Wine channels the elegant spirit of classic English barley wine, but with a kiss of blackberry to elevate the sip beyond convention. A deep wash of caramelized sugar and toasted bread, courtesy of caramel Munich malts, adopts subtle laces of floral, fruity berries for a pairing as proper as sipping snifters beside a crackling fireplace. Warming, rich and complex, curl up to a pour of Blackberry Barley Wine this winter.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Fort Collins, CO

  • Ninkasi Brewing Co.

    Ninkasi Brewing Co.
    Bourbon Barrel-Aged Ground Control

    Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial StoutABV: 10.0% • IBUs: 80
    Ground Control boldly combines local and out-of-this-world ingredients. This rich, complex Imperial Stout is brewed with Oregon hazelnuts, star anise and cocoa nibs, and is fermented with an Ale yeast that survived a trip to space and back. This special Holiday Ale Fest batch has been barrel aged for two months in Four Roses bourbon barrels.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Eugene, OR

  • No-Li Brewhouse

    No-Li Brewhouse
    Sloppy Donks

    Barrel-Aged Strong Rye BarleywineABV: 9.5% • IBUs: 20
    Lime, ginger and rye from Copper Donkey provide citrus, spice and an underlying bready character. Wheat Whiskey Barrel Aged Barley Wine provides body, sweetness, vanilla, oak and whiskey flavors. The combination is a unique winter beer with bright lime notes melding with an oaky, spicy character. Rye sweetness delivers the impression of gingerbread spiked with warming whiskey.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Spokane, WA

  • Oakshire Brewing

    Oakshire Brewing
    Hot Cakes, Brunch Ale

    Imperial Breakfast Brown AleABV: 8.5% • IBUs: 22
    Inspired by the Oakshire Brewing team's love of French toast, this big brown ale is crafted with a healthy dose of oats and maple syrup and then further spiced with cinnamon and vanilla beans. Notes of sweet maple syrup drip over a chewy and silky full-bodied brown ale, while hints of spicy cinnamon and vanilla punctuate the background of this big, brown ale.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Eugene, OR

  • Payette Brewing Co.

    Payette Brewing Co.
    Imperial Mutton Buster

    Oak-Aged Imperial Brown AleABV: 8.7% • IBUs: 50
    Imperial Mutton Buster takes one of the brewery's staples and turns is up a notch. After doubling the ingredients in its Mutton Buster recipe, the brewers aged this beer on oak spires and cherries to add layers of complexity to an already fantastic beer. The nutty and chocolate notes from the malts are complemented nicely by the added cherry sweetness to make for a perfect holiday beer.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Boise, ID

  • Reverend Nat's Hard Cider

    Reverend Nat's Hard Cider
    Winter Abbey Spice

    Spiced CiderABV: 7.4%
    This cider is a take on a very old recipe dating from early 1600s colonial America, with a modern twist of added carbonation. The cidery used raisins, unrefined cane sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg and fermented this libation to dryness with oak. This special Holiday Ale Fest batch was made with prune juice and is being served warm to abate the winter chill. [2 Tix]

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • Rogue Ales Brewery

    Rogue Ales Brewery
    Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Double Chocolate Stout

    Whiskey Barrel-Aged Imperial Chocolate StoutABV: 9.0% • IBUs: 68
    To craft this brew, Rogue Ales combined its Double Chocolate Stout with cacao nibs and vanilla from Madagascar in oak barrels previously used to age its Oregon Rye Whiskey, then barrel aged it in the ocean air of Yaquina Bay in Newport, Oregon.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Newport, OR

  • Rusty Truck Brewing

    Rusty Truck Brewing
    Saison de Noel

    SaisonABV: 9.0% • IBUs: 25
    One hundred and fifty pounds of simmered cranberries, along with orange peel and holiday spices, were added to this Noble hopped, Munich malt-based heavy French Saison.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Salem, OR

  • Santiam Brewing Co.

    Santiam Brewing Co.
    Sangre de Cristo

    Barrel-Aged Imperial StoutABV: 10.7% • IBUs: 58
    Conceived for the depths of an Oregon winter, Santiam Brewing's Imperial Stout, co-fermented with Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, is big and dark with chocolate and red wine notes. This batch is wine barrel aged exclusively for the Holiday Ale Festival.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Salem, OR

  • Sasquatch Brewing Co.

    Sasquatch Brewing Co.
    Sister Skookum Saison

    Imperial SaisonABV: 8.5% • IBUs: 35
    This Imperial Saison was made for the cold, dark months of winter. A simple base of Belgian pilsner malt and German wheat allows the complex, fruity esters of a house blend of two different Belgian yeasts to shine through. Czech Saaz, Merkur and Willamette hops offer a subtle bittering profile. Grains of paradise and rose hips were added to the boil for spicy white pepper notes and a floral, citrusy finish.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • Seven Brides Brewing

    Seven Brides Brewing

    Old AleABV: 10.0% • IBUs: 60
    Use extreme caution when dealing with the Drunkle. While sometimes hard to spot at first, you always know when you have been found by this bleary eyed fellow. Premium malt and Northwest hops blend to create flavors of toffee, caramel and chocolate in this delicious winter treat. Best consumed in groups to avoid yourself becoming the boorish and overly-talkative Drunkle.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Silverton, OR

  • Stone Brewing Co.

    Stone Brewing Co.
    Wittier Moron

    Imperial Black WitBierABV: 10.0% • IBUs: 40
    Twice the wit, still the same moron. An Imperial version of the back to back GABF (2014 Gold, 2015 Bronze) medal-winning Witty Moron, this deceptive dark wheat ale features the sexy look of a stout, but with the refreshing flavor of a Belgian witbier. To help with the winter season, Stone made this version even wittier with a generous boost of alcohol and flavor to keep all the morons happy. [2 Tix]

       Beer Location: OUT

    Escondido, CA

  • StormBreaker Brewing

    StormBreaker Brewing
    Happy Marijuanica

    Hoppy Smoked AleABV: 7.5% • IBUs: 85
    In honor of winter and changes to weed; StormBreaker brewed a beer that everyone needs. It brewed something wintry and smoky, hoppy and dank too; for this holiday season the brewers offer it to you. The ABV is 7.5 with 85 IBU; but don't worry, no bud was harmed in this brew. So if you celebrate Christmas, Kwanza or Hanukkah; celebrate right with a pint of Happy Marijuanica.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • Two Kilts Brewing Co.

    Two Kilts Brewing Co.
    Earls of Orkney

    WheatwineABV: 10.0% • IBUs: 45
    Amber in color with rich malty flavors and aromas, Earls of Orkney is a smooth, drinkable beer. A very big mouthfeel is present due to the insane amount of wheat malt that goes into this beer. Imbibe carefully as this one packs a little kick!

       Beer Location: OUT

    Sherwood, OR

  • Vertigo Brewing

    Vertigo Brewing
    Insomnia Coffee Cream Ale

    Coffee Cream Ale with LactoseABV: 6.2% • IBUs: 13
    The brewers are "amped" up about this year's festival and have created an ale for both beer drinkers and coffee lovers alike. This cream ale brewed with lactose produced a smooth, creamy and slightly sweet base beer which was then infused with a copious amount of cold brewed Tortoiseshell blend coffee. Beer drinkers and coffee lovers unite!

       Beer Location: OUT

    Hillsboro, OR

  • Viking Braggot Co.

    Viking Braggot Co.

    BraggotABV: 7.5% • IBUs: 20
    Skadi (pronounced SKAHD-ee) in Norse mythology is the goddess of winter who lives in the highest reaches of the mountains where the snow never melts. Viking Braggot pays tribute to this goddess with a dubbel-style braggot brewed to be enjoyed during these cold winter months. An organic grain bill is paired with local clover honey and moonshine soaked raisins to lend to a complex balance of malty richness and fruity esters. Skol!

       Beer Location: OUT

    Eugene, OR BeerAdvocate RateBeer

  • Widmer Brothers Brewing Co.

    Widmer Brothers Brewing Co.
    Angel's Reign

    Imperial Rye StoutABV: 9.3% • IBUs: 60
    Angel's Reign is an Imperial Rye Stout aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels and is made with three types of malted rye to give a wonderful spiciness. Midnight wheat is added to the malt bill, lending a hint of creaminess that rounds out the palate. Pilgrim and East Kent Goldings lend pleasing flavors of orange, pear, lavender and honey. The finish has hints of alcohol and vanilla reminding you who is the king. Angel's Reign is one of might and righteousness!

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • Wild Ride Brewing

    Wild Ride Brewing
    Hib Hop Hibiscus Ale

    Hibiscus AleABV: 5.5% • IBUs: 18
    Hib Hop Hibiscus Ale is a lighter winter beer here to brighten your season. This blonde ale with a twist gets its flavor and color from the addition of hibiscus, which adds a cranberry-like tartness and a beautiful pink hue to this light-bodied beer.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Redmond, OR