December 2nd - December 6th, 2015 | Pioneer Courthouse Square | Portland, Oregon
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More than 50 potent winter ales are featured at this year's event, all of which are created specifically to bring warmth and cheer to the holiday season. These aren't beers you'll find in the supermarket - our brewers have put together special recipes just for the Holiday Ale Festival.

Standard Release Beers

2014 Standard Release Beers

The Standard Release Beers are those for which we anticipate having available all festival long (while supplies last of course, as they do occassionally run out). We have over 50 of these select beers available at the festival. Beer locations will be updated both here and on the mobile site as the beers are tapped. Be sure to also check out the Limited Release Beers and Sunday Brunch Beers to the right.

TBD - To Be Determined • GTHT - Gone Today, Here Tomorrow • OUT - Sold Out

  • 10 Barrel Brewing Co.

    10 Barrel Brewing Co.
    Double Black Diamond

    Double Black AleABV: 9.3% • IBUs: 30
    Some people work their way up to the black diamond runs on the mountain, some people just go for it! 10 Barrel brewed this double black ale to have just enough roastiness and a hint of black licorice. Dropping!

       Beer Location: OUT

    Bend, OR

  • 13 Virtues Brewing

    13 Virtues Brewing
    Barrel-Aged MAX Stout

    Barrel-Aged Imperial StoutABV: 10.5% • IBUs: 70
    Patience is a virtue - and the 13 Virtues brewers took that true to heart with this beer. Aged in both Eastside Distillery and Bull Run Distillery Whiskey barrels for three to four months, the complexity of MAX Stout Imperial Stout is greatly enhanced, giving off oak and vanilla notes and textured layers of deep, dark secrets. Succumb to temptation...

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • 2 Towns Ciderhouse

    2 Towns Ciderhouse
    Bourbon Barrel Nice & Naughty

    CiderABV: 10.5%
    This specialty cider is fermented with dark meadowfoam honey and aged in Bourbon barrels with whole nutmeg, clove and cinnamon sticks. Crammed full of cheerful winter spices that mingle with the wood and sweet Bourbon aromas, this cider is sure to warm up your cold winter nights. [2 Tix]

       Beer Location: OUT

    Corvallis, OR

  • Alameda Brewing Co.

    Alameda Brewing Co.
    Admiration IPA

    American IPAABV: 6.8% • IBUs: 65
    Admiration IPA was brewed as a tribute to one of Alameda's favorite winter seasonal ales. A rich malt backbone supports an intense hop character of earthy pine and citrus derived from massive amounts of Centennial, Cascade and Chinook hops. Well balanced, yet intense, this IPA pays homage to one of the best.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR BeerAdvocate RateBeer

  • Baerlic Brewing Co.

    Baerlic Brewing Co.
    The Great Bear

    Beechwood-Aged NW Red AleABV: 6.5% • IBUs: 73
    The Great Bear blends sweet candied malt flavors with spicy, piney and citrus hops. This beer is full bodied with a lasting hop spice that lingers after each drink. This beer is aged on beechwood taken from Baerlic's tasting room buildout and leaves a clean woodiness in this special release for the Holiday Ale Festival.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • Base Camp Brewing Co.

    Base Camp Brewing Co.
    Dunkelrauch Weizenbock

    Imperial GratzerABV: 8.9% • IBUs: 41
    Fruity deliciousness curls off the Southern Bavarian weiss yeast; Bavarian dark, German chocolate wheat, and a one-off wheat malt smoked in-house on alder and applewood deliver an avalanche of holiday hearth aromas and a velvety, rich body.

       Beer Location: 1

    Portland, OR BeerAdvocate RateBeer

  • Bear Republic Brewing Co.

    Bear Republic Brewing Co.
    Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

    Barrel-Aged Golden BlendABV: 6.8% • IBUs: 20
    With brewers as excited as kids building a snowman after winter's first blizzard, this collaboration blend with Holiday Ale Festival's Preston Weesner pulls in four different barrels from the cellar, including Cuvee de Bubba, Pinot Noir re-fermented Kolsch, Tequila Barrel Aged El Oso Lager and Demolition Derby. Huge fruity notes of pineapple, strawberries and grapes snuggle up to spicy oak, tropical hop notes and a slight pleasing tartness.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Cloverdale, CA BeerAdvocate RateBeer

  • BridgePort Brewing Co.

    BridgePort Brewing Co.
    Smoked Lager

    Smoked LagerABV: 5.4% • IBUs: 14
    BridgePort Smoked Lager features a combination of six different special malts used to create a complex, dark caramel colored, smoky malt backbone and impart a distinct, yet very drinkable smoked flavor to a lager beer. Crystal hops balance out all that maltiness, offering a light, smooth bitterness. This lager is pleasing to drink on its own or paired with the hearty food of the cold weather season in the Northwest.

       Beer Location: 1

    Portland, OR BeerAdvocate RateBeer

  • Burnside Brewing Co.

    Burnside Brewing Co.

    Imperial Stout w/ CranberriesABV: 8.3% • IBUs: 53
    This big, rich, imperial stout aged on fresh cranberries features hints of cocoa and toffee. It is a perfect pint for the holidays.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • Cascade Brewing

    Cascade Brewing

    NW Style Sour Strong AleABV: 12.1% • IBUs: 7
    A blend of Red, Spiced Red and Spiced Quads aged in Bourbon and rum barrels for up to two years on spices. This flavorful concert of Bourbon and rum aromas with a supporting harmony of spices including ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg, and figs. Chocolate and rum hold down the low end while Bourbon and spice hit the high notes on the palate. The finish is a crescendo of raisins, dates, chocolate and ginger with a lingering boozy warmth. [3 Tix]

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • Coalition Brewing Co.

    Coalition Brewing Co.
    Big Maple

    Imperial Maple PorterABV: 9.0% • IBUs: 40
    Meet Big Maple, Loving Cup's big brother. A blend of base malts provides the platform for a complex mix of specialty malts. Patagonia caramel 15 malt adds a malty sweetness, while two different chocolate malts provide layers of roast and chocolate notes. Vermont grade A maple is added to the boil, bringing a subtle sweetness and maple aromatics. A whisper of smoke balances this winter treat. Enjoy this one-off beer while you can!

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • Deluxe Brewing Co.

    Deluxe Brewing Co.
    Dunkel the Halls

    Dunkel BockABV: 8.0% • IBUs: 20
    Deck the halls with a festive Dunkel Bock seasonal. This dark lager is brewed in the German tradition of a Bock, or strong beer, to warm the heart and soul during the chilly winter. Each sip of this Dunkel Bock is an indulgence, so treat yourself to this Deluxe beer and be jolly this holiday!

       Beer Location: 1

    Albany, OR

  • Deschutes Brewery

    Deschutes Brewery
    Scarlet Flame IRA

    India Red AleABV: 6.0% • IBUs: 71
    Scarlet Flame IRA is a great choice for malt lovers and hop lovers alike. US Tettnanger, Crystal, Willamette, Saaz, Summer and Northern Brewer hops bring aromas of herbal spice and stone fruit, followed by a pleasant woodiness. CaraRed malt and black barley lend a full malt character, with dark caramel and toffee flavors.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Bend, OR

  • Dick's Brewing Co.

    Dick's Brewing Co.
    Black Friday Stout

    Imperial StoutABV: 9.0% • IBUs: 40
    Brewed to survive "the busiest shopping day of the year", whether you ignore the whole fanatical event, or are one of the first in line, Dick's Black Friday Imperial Stout will start the holidays off in style. With a large quantity of specialty malts (Caramel, Black Malt, Black Barley, Chocolate, Brown Malt and Munich) this Imperial Stout has a tremendous depth of flavor. Magnum and Mt. hood hops combine to provide malt balance and a nice spicy finish.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Centralia, WA BeerAdvocate RateBeer

  • Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

    Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
    Raison d'Etre

    Belgian-Style Brown AleABV: 8.0% • IBUs: 25
    A deep mahogany, Belgian-style brown ale brewed with beet sugar, raisins and Belgian-style yeast.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Milton, CT BeerAdvocate RateBeer

  • Drake's Brewing Co.

    Drake's Brewing Co.
    Jolly Rodger

    Imperial Coffee StoutABV: 9.0% • IBUs: 45
    Rich and complex, this beer features luscious chocolaty and subtle roasted malt flavors that blend expertly with a specially made roast of Blue Bottle™ Kenyan Kangunu Coffee to create aromas of caramelized stone fruit and flavors of black currant, light tobacco, and caramel that complement the rich malt flavors of the beer.

       Beer Location: OUT

    San Leandro, CA

  • Eel River Brewing Co.

    Eel River Brewing Co.
    Gargantua II

    Whiskey Barrel-Aged Imperial Strong Ale w/ VanillaABV: 11.5% • IBUs: 80
    Gargantua II started as an Imperial Strong Ale brewed with floor malted Marris Otter malt and a blend of English and German specialty malts. The beer was then aged on Bourbon vanilla beans and blended with a strong ale aged in Jack Daniels barrels for six months.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Fortuna, CA

  • Elysian Brewing Co.

    Elysian Brewing Co.
    Knock on Nelson

    Wood-Aged IPAABV: 7.1% • IBUs: 72
    Knock On Nelson is Elysian's first beer to be aged in its new foeders. The beer starts off with a hearty dose of Nelson Sauvin hops sourced from New Zealand and is bolstered by a sturdy body of pale, Munich and Caravienne malts. The brewers then aged this IPA in a first-run red wine foeder for six months. (Note: Though aged in a foeder, this beer is NOT a sour.)

       Beer Location: OUT

    Seattle, WA

  • Ex Novo Brewing Co.

    Ex Novo Brewing Co.

    Baltic Porter w/ Mexican ChocolateABV: 8.0% • IBUs: 30
    This Mexican Chocolate Baltic Porter is a collaboration with Moonstruck Chocolate. Enjoy the subtle notes of Mexican hot chocolate with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, chilies and chocolate. Feliz Navidad!

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • Fearless Brewing Co.

    Fearless Brewing Co.

    Pumpkin AleABV: 9.2% • IBUs: 26
    This Pumpkin Ale was made with Munich, Carmel and Biscuit malts, and seasoned with premium spices, all lovingly transported by the magical waters of the Clackamas River. Aromas of pumpkin pie spice and alcohol complement the bread/biscuit/spice flavor. The alcohol and hops give a slight fruitiness, which tapers off into a delicate pumpkin finish.

       Beer Location: 1

    Estacada, OR

  • Feckin Brewery

    Feckin Brewery
    Top O' The Feckin' Mornin'

    Imperial Espresso Milk PorterABV: 8.5% • IBUs: 35
    This is a rich and full-bodied breakfast beer that promises to wake you up and mellow you out at the same time. The high gravity is balanced by the sweet milk sugar used in fermentation. Caravan Coffee from Newberg, Ore. offers the rich espresso flavors, while the sweetness of the milk sugar plays nicely off of the bitterness in the cold press coffee. Top O' The Feckin' Mornin' to you!

       Beer Location: 1

    Oregon City, OR

  • Finnriver Farm & Cidery

    Finnriver Farm & Cidery
    Stone & Pome Cider

    Barrel-Aged Plum & Peach CiderABV: 6.5%
    A bright, dry contemporary cider made with Washington organic apples, aged for six months in Bourbon barrels from Fremont Brewery and then blended with organic plums and peaches from Pipitone Farms in Rock Island, WA for a sensation of soft ripe fruit and a velvety peach texture. The plum and peach sweetness that fills the nose is elevated to holiday status with a touch of vanilla, calling out the natural vanillin of the oak barrels.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Chimacum, WA

  • Firestone Walker Brewing Co.

    Firestone Walker Brewing Co.
    Luponic Distortion

    Double IPAABV: 8.5% • IBUs: 75
    Firestone Walker's Luponic Distortion is a complex blended IPA boasting huge citrus notes by the crafty use of Cascade, Centennial, Citra, Amarillo, Chinook and Simcoe hops.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Paso Robles, CA

  • Fort George Brewery

    Fort George Brewery
    Santa's Dinner Jacket

    Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Red AleABV: 8.3%
    This pours a shade darker than ruby red, an attribute earned from aging in Bull Run Distillery barrels. Sipped slowly and allowed to warm, this beer tells a story of time spent in the barrel infusing this heftily hopped ale with notes of port, sherry, caramel and toffee. This is the beer Santa is thinking about as he is finishing up his annual flight around the world; the beer he will soon be relaxing with in front of his fireplace while the children awaken.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Astoria, OR

  • Gigantic Brewing

    Gigantic Brewing
    Red Ryder BB Gun

    Saison w/ CranberriesABV: 6.3% • IBUs: 22
    Damn, this beer has a beautiful red hue. The sweet aroma of cranberries melds perfectly with spicy saison yeasts. There is just enough fruit and tartness to balance the beer's finest pilsner malt. Just don't shoot your eye out.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • Gilgamesh Brewing Co.

    Gilgamesh Brewing Co.
    Eastside Bandit

    Bourbon Barrel-Aged PorterABV: 9.2% • IBUs: 20
    A smoothly rich Baltic Porter aged in Eastside Distilling's Burnside Bourbon barrels, this beer features a hint of chocolate and a mild smokiness from the peated malts that blend perfectly with the barrels' smokey-oak Bourbon flavors.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Turner, OR

  • Golden Valley Brewery

    Golden Valley Brewery
    Pinot Noir Barrel-Aged Tannen Boom

    Barrel-Aged Belgian-Style Strong AleABV: 8.2% • IBUs: 50
    This spin on Golden Valley's classic winter warmer was fermented with a yeast strain traced to a small West Flemish brewery ("boom" is the Flemish equivalent of "baum"). Tannen Boom spent six weeks aging in French Oak Pinot Noir barrels sourced from R. Stuart and Soter Vineyards. Pinot notes entwine with bountiful aromatic esters, while the full malt body is framed by oak and alcohol warmth.

       Beer Location: OUT

    McMinnville, OR

  • Hopworks Urban Brewery

    Hopworks Urban Brewery
    The Incredible Abominable of the Enchanted Barrel Forest

    Barrel-Aged Imperial Winter AleABV: 9.0% • IBUs: 100
    The Incredible "Abom" is the infamous uncle of the renowned Abominable Winter Ale. This imperial version was laid to rest in freshly emptied Woodford Reserve Bourbon barrels where notes of vanilla and spice mixed with the already delightful flavors of citrus and caramel.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • Kells Brewpub

    Kells Brewpub
    MIC Stout AKA Boom Roaster

    Imperial Coffee Milk StoutABV: 7.0% • IBUs: 55
    This thick, black beer starts with a robust head of rich chocolate and notes of brown sugar. The mouthfeel is smooth and full-bodied, with notes of vanilla and a mild sweetness of carmelized sugar. This beer finishes with roasty notes and acidity from the Sidamo coffee from Ristretto Roasters that layer into a hint of light berry (think blue) with a touch of warming alcohol.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • Lagunitas Brewing Co.

    Lagunitas Brewing Co.
    Scare City 2

    Red Rye PorterABV: 9.0% • IBUs: 35
    This Red Rye Porter is the second release in Lagunitas' Scare City series. Ruby/tawny red in color with three different specialty rye malts, this beer also features cocoa nib syrup for a chocolaty flavor and an alcohol boost. The huge malt backbone dominates the subtle hop character, resulting in a big, malty winter warmer.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Petaluma, CA

  • Lompoc Brewing

    Lompoc Brewing
    Pinot Noir Barrel-Aged Cheval de Trait Belge

    Barrel-Aged Belgian Strong AleABV: 8.5%
    Named in honor of Belgian work horses - one of the strongest breeds - this dark Belgian Style Strong Ale has been aging in Maryhill Winery Pinot Noir barrels for six months. It has a malty body and strong oak character, finishing dry with hints of chocolate and tobacco.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • Mazama Brewing Co.

    Mazama Brewing Co.
    Noel Rouge

    Imperial WitABV: 7.7% • IBUs: 20
    This imperial strength Wit was brewed with mulling spices and fermented with cranberries. It is a festive beer that is perfect to share among friends and family to warm up these cold winter nights.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Corvallis, OR BeerAdvocate RateBeer

  • McMenamins (Edgefield)

    McMenamins (Edgefield)
    Lord of Misrule

    Rum Barrel-Aged Mexican Mocha Imperial StoutABV: 8.1% • IBUs: 24
    Appointing a Lord of Misrule, the official in charge of Christmas revelries and the Feast of Fools, is a holiday-time peasant tradition. This dark and spicy imperial brew was made keeping all the joyful customs surrounding this ancient practice in mind. Brewed with cacao nibs, kilned coffee malt and habanero peppers, then aged in rum barrels post-fermentation, this is meant to inspire Saturnalian delight and promote merry mischief.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Troutdale, OR

  • Migration Brewing

    Migration Brewing
    Frankie Claus

    Imperial Belgian StoutABV: 11.8% • IBUs: 60
    This Imperial Belgian Chocolate Stout was brewed with French cocoa, Belgian Trappist yeast, and plenty of attitude. Frankie Claus is layered with notes of banana, cocoa, dried red fruit and toasted almonds, creating a very smooth 11.8% ABV stout with a soft, warming finish.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • Natian Brewery

    Natian Brewery
    Irish Water

    Imperial Golden AleABV: 8.8% • IBUs: 72
    This winterized version of Natian's Blonde Ale was brewed simply with 2-Row malt and hopped solely with Zythos. A copious amount of honey was added to the boil, which fermented out completely, leaving a crisp, dry finish. The beer was then aged on Oregon oak spires soaked in Jameson Irish Whiskey and infused with organic Cascade hops from the Natian private garden.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • Nectar Creek

    Nectar Creek
    Triple Brett

    Barrel-Aged Sour Session MeadABV: 6.5%
    Triple Brett is a 100% barrel fermented sour session mead made from pure Willamette Valley honey. Blended from three different barrels, each fermented by a different strain of brettanomyces, this sour session mead combines the complex palate of brett-derived flavors and aromas with the subtleties of local honey. [2 Tix]

       Beer Location: OUT

    Corvallis, OR

  • New Belgium Brewing Co.

    New Belgium Brewing Co.
    La Folie

    Sour Brown AleABV: 7.0% • IBUs: 18
    La Folie, French for "the folly," is a wood-aged sour brown spending one to three years in big oak barrels known as foeders. When the beer finally hits the glass, La Folie is sharp and sour, full of green apple, chrery and plum skin notes. Pouring a deep mahogany, the mouthfeel will get you puckering while the smooth finish will leave you smiling. Not a beer for the timid, La Folie is a sour delight that will turn your tongue on its head.

       Beer Location: 1

    Fort Collins, CO

  • Ninkasi Brewing Co.

    Ninkasi Brewing Co.

    DopelbockABV: 7.5% • IBUs: 20
    Inspired by winter and brewed specially for the Holiday Ale Festival, this Doppelbock is reminiscent of the season. With a sweet, toasted malt flavor, a hint of Noble German Mittelfruh hops and a high alcohol percentage, this beer will surely help keep the merriment flowing well into the night.

       Beer Location: 2

    Eugene, OR

  • No-Li Brewhouse

    No-Li Brewhouse
    Whiskey Barrel-Aged Winter Warmer

    Barrel-Aged Winter WarmerABV: 7.5% • IBUs: 72
    No-Li filled first-use Dry Fly Distillery wheat whiskey barrels - just hours after the spirits had been removed - with its Winter Warmer ale. The candy-like sweetness of the beer mingles perfectly with the warmth and oakiness from the whiskey barrels, while the strong hop presence balances out the whole experience.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Spokane, WA

  • Oakshire Brewing

    Oakshire Brewing

    White Chocolate Milk StoutABV: 7.0% • IBUs: 23
    With a sleight of hand and a few smoke and mirrors, Oakshire's created this anomaly of a beer style. Blonde in color, yet full-bodied and mildly sweet, this milk stout uses coffee, cocoa nibs and star anise to produce the flavors and aromas of a milk stout with the color of a pale ale.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Eugene, OR

  • Old Town Brewing Co.

    Old Town Brewing Co.
    Bluth's Original Chocolate Banana Hefeweizen

    Chocolate Bavarian-Style HefeweizenABV: 5.5% • IBUs: 14
    Also known as the G.O.B. Special, this beer is basically a frozen banana with double the chocolate, nuts and two sticks. Brewed to Pop-Pop's original (stolen) recipe to be a "cold banana in delicious brown treat." Two-row, wheat and chocolate malts co-mingle with Mt. Hood hops and cocoa nibs. "There's always money in the banana stand! No touching!"

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR BeerAdvocate RateBeer

  • Payette Brewing Co.

    Payette Brewing Co.

    IPAABV: 6.5% • IBUs: 84
    Celebrate this holiday season with Payette's delicious Bandito IPA. It is brewed with fair trade raw agave nectar, which gives it a natural sweet complexity, and then dry-hopped with Citra and Amarillo hops to enhance that extra fruity aroma.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Boise, ID

  • Portland Brewing Co.

    Portland Brewing Co.
    Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout

    Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cherry StoutABV: 10.0% • IBUs: 25
    This very special Bourbon barrel aged Imperial Stout was brewed just for the 2014 Holiday Ale Festival. This massive brew boasts a huge malty backbone from seven different malts, a Northwest hop profile, and notes of roasted coffee balanced by delicious cherry flavors from an Oregon-grown sweet cherry puree. [2 Tix]

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR

  • Rock Bottom Brewery (Portland)

    Rock Bottom Brewery (Portland)
    Yul Brynner

    Santo Poco-Style Strong AleABV: 7.4% • IBUs: 45
    Don't let this strong ale's rugged exterior fool you; underneath the malt and the oak and whiskey, you'll find a tender complexity.

       Beer Location: 2

    Portland, OR

  • Rogue Ales Brewery

    Rogue Ales Brewery
    BIG-ASS Barrel-Aged Caramel Porter

    Imperial PorterABV: 7.9% • IBUs: 55
    Rogue BIG-ASS Barrel-Aged Caramel Porter is an imperial style porter brewed with lots of caramel malt to balance out the traditional roasted and coffee malts. It is then aged in Rogue (recently named "Distillery of the Year") Oregon BIG-ASS Oak barrels for more than three months to bring out vibrant oak aromas and flavors. All together, it is a flawless marriage of caramel, coffee, vanilla and chocolate.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Newport, OR

  • Rusty Truck Brewing

    Rusty Truck Brewing

    WeizenbockABV: 7.2% • IBUs: 26
    Santaweizen is a stronger version of the unfiltered German favorite. This beer was aged two months on medium toast French oak spirals infused with brandy.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Salem, OR

  • Santiam Brewing Co.

    Santiam Brewing Co.
    Golden Sultan

    Belgian Golden Strong AleABV: 10.6% • IBUs: 23
    Light golden in color with excellent clarity and a creamy white head, this Golden Ale was brewed with Turkish sultanas and golden grape juice fermented with Belgian Ardennes yeast. Subtle fruity esters from the yeast combine with the stronger fruit esters of the sultanas. Smooth and creamy on the palate, this beer has an effervescent bubbly carbonation with slightly sweet and spicy notes and a dry, strong, earthy finish.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Salem, OR

  • Seven Brides Brewing

    Seven Brides Brewing
    The 503

    Barley WineABV: 10.9% • IBUs: 50
    No decoder ring needed to guess which area this pride of the Northwest hails from. Caramel and light fruity aroma, coupled with vanilla and gentle wood tannins from hand-toasted Oregon oak, build this complex, velvety smooth start to winter.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Silverton, OR

  • Sixpoint Brewery

    Sixpoint Brewery
    Lump of Coal Porter

    Robust PorterABV: 7.9% • IBUs: 56
    This robust porter, a collaboration with "Beer Goddess" Lisa Morrison, features a dark brown color and a deep aroma of dark molasses and cherries. The flavor is a mix of complex malts and bright stone fruits, and ends cleanly on your palate.

       Beer Location: 1

    Brooklyn, NY

  • Slanted Rock Brewing Co.

    Slanted Rock Brewing Co.
    Cordial Tease

    Spiced Winter AleABV: 10.1% • IBUs: 25
    Dark cherries and peppermint spice up the rich chocolate and caramel malts used in this special brew. Flavors of chocolate, coffee, caramelized sugar, dark cherry and peppermint tease your palate until releasing to a warm, soothing finish.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Meridian, ID BeerAdvocate RateBeer

  • Stickmen Brewery & Skewery

    Stickmen Brewery & Skewery
    Big Black Banana

    DunkelweizenABV: 8.5% • IBUs: 15
    The Stickmen brewers took their bananas foster beer (Bananas On Fire!) and dunked it in chocolate for the holidays. The Weihenstephan Weizen yeast provides banana and spice, the caramel comes from a good dose of Crystal 120 and Special B malts, and the chocolate from cocoa nibs and chocolate malt.

       Beer Location: 1

    Lake Oswego, OR BeerAdvocate RateBeer

  • Stone Brewing Co.

    Stone Brewing Co.
    New Desecrator

    Black Barley WineABV: 12.0% • IBUs: 100
    What happens when you take Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine and allow Liberty Station's Brewing Manager to play with the recipe? You get Old Guardian's arch nemesis born from the shadows, New Desecrator. To give this demon its own flair, Stone fed it generous portions of Herkules, Amarillo, Comet, El Dorado and Pacifica hops. Coming in at 100+ IBUs, the New Desecrator may just kill Santa Claus end your holidays early.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Escondido, CA

  • Vertigo Brewing

    Vertigo Brewing
    Busted Head Red

    Imperial Red AleABV: 9.0% • IBUs: 107
    This huge, hoppy, amber-hued beer is bitterly out-of-balance for a traditional red, but has the ideal hoppiness for an imperial version. Just a touch of caramel malt complements the hop flavors in this winter warmer. Busted Head Red features without a doubt the most amazing finish, dry-hopped past realistic.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Hillsboro, OR

  • Viking Braggot Co.

    Viking Braggot Co.

    NW Amber BraggotABV: 6.3% • IBUs: 50
    This traditional Viking ale combines an organic base malt with light additions of organic roasted malts, juniper berries, fir tips and local blackberry honey to create a lighter winter braggot that still features all the spice and flavors of the season!

       Beer Location: OUT

    Eugene, OR BeerAdvocate RateBeer

  • Widmer Brothers Brewing Co.

    Widmer Brothers Brewing Co.
    Frosty the Munchieman

    PorterABV: 6.5% • IBUs: 45
    Brewer Dan Munch's Robust Porter recipe starts with deliciously roasty black patent and chocolate malts along with Maris Otter to set the base. Liberty hops are then featured in three kettle hop additions along with a dry-hop addition. All finishing off with Oregon spearmint and Ecuadorian cocoa nibs to create the perfect holiday treat.

       Beer Location: OUT

    Portland, OR