December 3rd - December 7th, 2014 | Pioneer Courthouse Square | Portland, Oregon

More than 50 potent winter ales are featured at this year's event, all of which are created specifically to bring warmth and cheer to the holiday season. These aren't beers you'll find in the supermarket - our brewers have put together special recipes just for the Holiday Ale Festival.

Sunday Brunch Beers

Sunday Brunch Beers

The Sunday Brunch Beers are exclusive to the Sunday Beer Brunch, which requires a separate admission. These beers are generally rare or vintage releases of styles well paired with the featured European-style brunch menu. In addition to the tap offerings, there are also some 1.5L-9L bottle-conditioned Belgian beers that get uncorked to put the finishing touches on the incredible Sunday Beer Brunch event.

Please note! The following beers are from 2013 as the 2014 list is still a work-in-progress.

  • Anthem Cider

    Anthem Cider
    Anthem Hops

    CiderABV: 6.5%
    Anthem Cider's tribute to the Northwest's love of hops, Anthem Hops is a gluten free cider dry hopped with Oregon grown Cascade hops for over three weeks. The result is a light lagerish cider with all the beautiful citrus and floral aromas of Cascade hops with a only slight bitterness on the finish. Shy of Dry. Mild Tart.

    Salem, OR

    Crafted from 100% Washington cold-pressed Red & Golden Delicious, Fuji, Ambrosia, Granny Smith, Gala and Honeycrisp Apples.

    - Holiday Ale Festival Staff
  • Brasserie Dupont

    Brasserie Dupont
    Avec Les Bons Voeux (2011)

    SaisonABV: 9.5%
    Translation: "With the best wishes of the Brewery Dupont". This is their Christmas beer, a Christmas Saision if you will. The effervescence brings forth a lemony nose with hints of clove, banana and pepper. Its malty richness stays on the tongue until the next sip. This very complex, yet extremely drinkable "winter saison" comes across at 9.5%.

    Leuze-Pipaix, Belgium BeerAdvocate RateBeer

    A year in the cellar has tempered the spices slightly and made this beer a much more balanced experience. Always a great beer, just a little better now. Perfect inspirational beer after all the gifts have been open, and before the clean up begins!

    - Holiday Ale Festival Staff
  • Cascade Brewing

    Cascade Brewing
    Apple Tart

    Sour AleABV: 7.5%
    This NW style sour wheat ale was barrel aged four months with spices, but no apples. Aromas of soft cinnamon, spice and fruity apple notes are notice up front. Lush apple flesh and bright cinnamon dance on the palate and then lead to a sweet, crisp apple tart finish.

    Portland, OR

  • Firestone Walker Brewing Co.

    Firestone Walker Brewing Co.
    Anniversary XV (2011)

    BlendABV: 12.5%
    A blend of beers 76% Barley Wine style beers, 19% Stout and 5% Imperial IPA. XV introduces their new blonde barley wine Helldorado and features vintage Sticky Monkey, Parabola, Velvet Merkin, Good Foot, Bravo, and Double Jack just to name a few. Big and rich, sweet and malty, bourbon and oak. This beer has it all.

    Paso Robles, CA

  • New Belgium Brewing Co.

    New Belgium Brewing Co.
    Abbey Grand Cru (2011)

    Belgian Strong Dark AleABV: 9.5% • IBUs: 20
    Before there was New Belgium Brewing, there was Abbey Ale. It was the first beer of home brewer and New Belgium co-founder, Jeff Lebesch. So the love brews deep for Abbey Grand Cru. By saving it for a few years, Abbey Grand Cru will continue to improve and age deliciously.

    Fort Collins, CO

  • Cascade Brewing

    Cascade Brewing
    Apricot Ale (2010)

    Sour AleABV: 8.5%
    A blend of Belgian Tripel and Belgian Blonde, it is put through 16 months lactic fermentation and aged in French oak wine barrels. The apricots were allowed to slowly ripen before introduction into the beer; the beer then aged another four months on the fruit before bottling.

    Portland, OR

    Aromas of tart apricots and candy. You should taste tart apricot flesh and sweet malts followed by subtle hints of toasted apricot pits and a lingering dry finish of calvados.

    - Holiday Ale Festival Staff

    Cork pops about 11:45am!

  • St. Bernardus Brouwerij

    St. Bernardus Brouwerij
    Abt 12 (2010)

    Belgian AleABV: 10.5%
    The absolute top quality in the hierarchy of the St. Bernardus beers. It is also the beer with the highest alcohol content (10.50 %). A dark ivory colored beer with a high fermentation. The show piece of the brewery. Thanks to its soft and unconditionally genuine aroma, the beer can be smoothly tasted. The Abt has a very fruity flavor.

    Watou, Belgium BeerAdvocate RateBeer

    Originally brewed for the Westvleteren Monastery after WWII this beer uses the original yeast and is basically the original Westvletern 12. This Classic Belgian quad can have flavors of candy, fruit and light spice notes when fresh. Courtesy of this mellowing through aging, it should have more caramel and candy notes.

    - Holiday Ale Festival Staff

    Cork pops about 12:00pm!

  • Brasserie de l'Abbaye du Val-Dieu

    Brasserie de l'Abbaye du Val-Dieu
    Triple (2005)

    Belgian AleABV: 9.0%
    Val Dieu means Valley of God. The Val Dieu monastery was the only Belgian abbey to survive the French Revolution. This Triple is classically made with a long fermentation. The hops are pleasant faint accents to the dry malty beer that has a classic slight alcoholic finish.

    Aubel, Belgium BeerAdvocate RateBeer

    Look for this to have mellowed and to have a slightly more pronounced caramel note with the dry finish.

    - Holiday Ale Festival Staff

    Cork pops about 12:15pm!

  • Brauerei Schloss Eggenberg

    Brauerei Schloss Eggenberg
    Samichlaus (2006)

    DoppelbockABV: 14.0%
    Samichlaus Bier is brewed only once a year on December 6th and is aged for 10 months before bottling. Samichlaus is one of the rarest specialty beers in the world, ideal for aging, and older vintages become more complex with a creamy, warming finish.

    Vorchdorf, Austria BeerAdvocate RateBeer

    This beer was cellar aged for 7 years and will certainly have mellowed with age as vintages become more complex with a creamy warming finish.

    - Holiday Ale Festival Staff

    Corks pop about 12:30pm!