December 3rd - December 7th, 2014 | Pioneer Courthouse Square | Portland, Oregon

In addition to beer, the Holiday Ale Festival is a connoisseur in the fine art of hand-drawn vintage pinup girls. They are typically glamorous or fashionable in style, and are always done in good taste. Betty Grable has nothing on our beautiful ladies. Wouldn't you agree?

Vintage Pinups

The Holiday Ale Festival Vintage Pinups

In 2009, the Holiday Ale Festival began a new tradition of featuring a vintage pin-up girl as the annual representative of the festival. In 2009, Holly brought us holiday cheer, and in 2010, we fell head over heels for Eve. When 2011 arrived, we gained a touch of elegance with Noelle, and last year, Sugar & Spice combined for a wonderful winter warmer.

Introducing Angel

AngelFor 2013, our very own Angel has descended upon us in search of great winter beers. As winter rolls in, Angel knows just how to keep warm... with a prolonged trip to the Holiday Ale Festival in Portland, Oregon. After all, there is no better place in the NW for great craft beer under warm and cozy tents.

Angel is a big fan of Winter Warmers, and finds unique Holiday Blends quite heavenly.

You can get one of her official posters at the festival or if you are more of a digital collector, or want to send them to friends, she has a poster available for download in Adobe Acrobat format. Just click the link below.

Download Angel's Micro-Poster

The Holiday Ale Festival Pinup Collection

For those of you that may have missed the festival the past three years, or were simply enjoying the beers too much to notice these lovely ladies, we have the complete collection of the unique micro-posters for download below. These posters are different from the collectible posters available for purchase at the festival.

Sugar & Spice (2012)

Sugar & Spice (2012)

No, they aren't twins, but these two vixens came together in 2012 for a love of fine craft beer. Sugar & Spice... and everything nice. Cheers.

2012 Micro-Poster
Noelle (2011)

Noelle (2011)

Know what's tall, blonde and looks great in a slinky red dress? Noelle. As our 2011 Vintage Pinup Girl, she brings us a touch of elegance this year.

2011 Micro-Poster

Eve (2010)

She may be innocent looking, but Eve has a little naughty streak in her at this time of year. For 2010, she was our first brunette Vintage Pinup Girl.

2010 Micro-Poster

Holly (2009)

Oh, Holly. We thank you for being our innaugural Vintage Pinup Girl in 2009. You helped to start a tradit ion expected to last as long as the festival.

2009 Micro-Poster

The Artist - Jacquelyn Bond

Jacquelyn Bond is a local Northwest artist who has created the artwork for the Holiday Ale Festival for the past five years. This year we commissioned Jacquelyn to create Sugar & Spice, the fourth and fifth girls in our Pinup Series. Check out her website at